Jacky Stappers

My work

My bronze and ceramic sculptures represent women, men or children in characteristic poses partly defined by the possibilities and limitations of the materials used. My artistic expression is always based on outstanding craftmanship and technique. The sculptures often evoke personal associations of plaesure, power or emotion. I regularly make work on commision.

Over the years my figurative bronze sculptures have gone through various stages. From strong, expressive, slender female figures to more carefree and voloptuous ladies. In my latest work you also find male figures, strong in their fysical appearence but at the same time reflecting calm and restraint. The female forms have also returned to more slender, powerful and expressive poses. The wax, forming the base of my moulds, offers an opportunity to create refined poses and texture or to add often unexpected applications. Sometimes colourful patinas accentuate the overall work. Usually the scuptures come with a complimentary designed pedestal in combinations of stone and metal.

My ceramic sculptures convey a message of strength, pleasure in life, determination, self-confidence and flirtation. Voluptuous, organic moulds, adorned with surprising applications and crowned with a special use of enamel and engobes. This leads to a striking use of colours, depending on the type of clay that is used. The ceramic sculptures vary in size from 25 to 125 cm.
Both ceramic and bronze sculptures can be displayed indoors and out in the open air.